Log in

Log in to Access via the trials page on Sealed Envelope’s main website. User’s are requested to authenticate themselves before access is granted to the system by providing their registered email address and password. If a user does not have an account on the system, or provides an incorrect password, they will not be allowed access.

log in screen

Log in screen

New users can request an account by asking an existing administrator user to create one for them. When a trial is first set-up by Sealed Envelope, an administrator account will be created, usually for the trial manager. The trial manager can then create new administrator or investigator accounts as required. If the user already has an account, it can be linked to the new trial.

When a user has logged in their name and unique user ID number is always shown at the top of every page in the navigation bar. Once a user has finished using the system it is good practice to log out. This is particularly important if the user is not using his or her own computer. To logout click on the ‘Logout’ link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Note that to comply with good clinical practice (GCP) it is very important that users do not share accounts or allow others to access their accounts, even temporarily.

Auto timeout

After a set period of inactivity (usually 20 minutes but may differ for some trials) the user is automatically logged out of the system.

Page updated 2 Jun 2017 13:10