Creating accounts and roles

New accounts

An existing administrator can create new accounts for a particular trial from the users page for a trial or the global users list. When creating a new account, a role must also be chosen.

Creating a new user account

Choosing the role for the new user account

To create an account the user’s real name and email address must be supplied. For roles that can be limited by site a site selection control is displayed.

Screen shown when creating an investigator account

Screen shown when creating an investigator account

The account can be set to receive notifications or not. Notifications are emails sent out when events like randomisation or unblinding occurs. Administrators receive notifications for all such events in the trial. Accounts that are limited to a particular site only receive notifications related to that site. Notification only accounts can also be created.


Once the account is created an automatically generated email is sent to the email address with an invitation to log in and set-up the account. Invitations expire after 2 weeks and must be re-sent after this time. If the invitation was sent in error or is no longer required it can be deleted as long as the invitee has not already set up their account. Note that email notifications (such as for randomisation or queries) are not sent until the invitation has been accepted.

User account for invited user

Invited user account details

Existing accounts

Sometimes a user may already have an account on the system for a different trial. Attempting to create a new account for an existing email address will trigger an error. A link will be shown to allow the existing account to be associated with the new trial.

Assign an existing user to a new trial

Assign an existing user to a new trial

When an existing user logs in they will see any invitations they have for new roles or trials. The user can accept or decline the invitation.

Invitation to new role

Invitation to a new role for an existing user

Adding a role

Administrators can add a role to an existing account by first locating the user from the users page for a trial or the global users list. Links to add a new role are shown on the account details page.

The user will receive an email inviting them to link their existing account to the new trial or role. They can accept or decline this invitation.

Assigning a role

Assigning a role

Telephone randomisation

If a trial is making use of Sealed Envelope’s telephone randomisation service, access to this service is granted by specifying an investigator number when creating the account. The investigator number must be a unique 3 digit number in the range 100-999.

When the user calls the telephone randomisation service they must enter the study number and investigator number to gain access to the system. These are shown to administrators and users with telephone access on the trials summary page.

Showing investigator number for telephone randomisation

Telephone randomisation details

Page updated 5 May 2021