Trial sites (centres) must be added to the system before adding or randomising a subject, updating a code list, or creating investigator accounts. Sites must also be set to Recruiting before subjects can be added.

Administrators can add sites by clicking on the Sites link in the top menu, followed by the Create a new site link.

Site identifier

The site identifier can be any alphanumeric text and may be used in some trials to create a subject identifier of the form SNNN where S is the site identifier and NNN is a sequential number (either within or across sites). Note that once a subject is added to a site it is no longer possible to change the site identifier.


The timezone of a site affects the display of randomisation dates and times generated by the system, such as date/time of randomisation, unblinding and marked in error. It is also used by validation rules such as checking whether a date is in the past. Other date/times, such as timestamps on forms, are usually displayed in GMT timezone (UTC).

Adding a new site

Creating a new site

Note that sites cannot be deleted if they have associated records, such as user accounts or subjects.

Page updated 16 Jul 2016