Deleting forms

Completed forms may be deleted when the form delete setting is turned on. Usually only users with an administrator role can delete forms, but you can check permissions on the specification page.

To delete a form first view it, then click the red Delete link. This will show the Delete a form page where a reason for deletion must be provided. The user must enter their password to sign the declaration to delete the form. The deletion is recorded in the audit trail, including the data that was in the form. However, it is not possible to undelete a form directly (it must be re-entered manually).

Deleting a form

Deleting a form

Study entry form

The form used to add subjects to the database cannot be deleted. Use the subject delete feature instead.

Randomisation form

It is not possible to delete a randomisation form. Use the mark randomisation in error feature instead.

Withdrawal form

Deleting the withdrawal form reverses the withdrawal of the subject, and any forms that were due for completion after the date of withdrawal will become accessible again.

Page updated 25 Feb 2020