Patient records can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Patients’ link in the the left-hand sidebar. This shows a list of all patients entered into the study to date. A yellow warning symbol next to a patient indicates that the patient has an open query.

Viewing an individual patient record

New patients may be added to the list at any time by clicking on the add patient link near the top of the page. This opens the study entry form which requests a patient identifier and date of study entry. Note that at least one site contact must be created before any patients can be added. Some trials may be using a linked randomisation system, in which case the patient list will be automatically populated from the randomisation system. In this case no add patient link will be shown.

Clicking on a patient in the list shows patient details from the study entry form, any queries and provides links to add, view and edit the forms for that patient grouped by visit. Visits at specific timepoints after baseline have a visit record form. This form must be completed to indicate that the patient attended the visit before other forms in that visit are accessible. If the form indicates the patient did not attend, all other forms in the visit will remain inaccessible and the visit will not be shown as overdue in the schedule.

A green tick next to a form name indicates that it has been marked as validated. A yellow warning symbol next to a form name indicates that the form has an open query.

The search box searches through patient IDs, site names and query data and returns a list of patients that match the terms entered. Note that form data is not searched.

Page updated 7 Sep 2017