For trials with visits at specific timepoints (for instance 30 days after study entry), clicking on the ‘View schedule’ link will show the dates that forms are due to be completed for the selected patient. Dates are calculated from the date of study entry and the visit schedule. Overdue forms are highlighted in red. If the Withdrawal from follow-up form has been completed and the patient marked as withdrawn from follow-up, then any forms due after the date of withdrawal are shown as not applicable (N/A).

Schedule for individual patient

An overview of overdue forms for all patients may be viewed by clicking the ‘Overdue forms’ link in the left hand side bar. Each patient is shown as a row in the table, with a cell for each form. Completed forms are shown in green, overdue forms in red. Forms that will never be completed because the patient withdrew or did not attend a visit are shown in grey. Hovering the mouse over a cell displays the name of the associated form. The table may be filtered by entering terms in the search box.

The percentage of forms completed, overdue, not applicable and for withdrawn patients are shown in the summary by site and overall. Note that percentages are calculated excluding forms that are not yet due in the denominator. So although 100% of forms may be shown as done today, this may change in the future as forms become due.

Overdue forms

Page updated 27 Jan 2014