Telephone randomisation

Our telephone based service allows investigators to randomise patients using the buttons on their telephone keypad. This method of randomisation is ideal for very time sensitive randomisations or when investigators do not have easy access to the internet at the point of randomisation.

The data that can be collected is limited compared to that available when using internet randomisation. It is awkward (but not impossible) to collect non-numeric data, such as patient initials, because of the limitations of the telephone keypad.

Easy to use

Investigators randomise patients by pressing buttons on their telephone keypad in response to the automated prompts.

Some details about the patient to be randomised are requested and the eligibility criteria checked. The randomised allocation is chosen according to your randomisation protocol and announced to the caller.

Tailor made

Eligibility criteria, randomisation protocol and patient characteristics collected at randomisation are customised to your trial requirements.

A unique freephone, local or national rate number can be provided to give your investigators access to the randomisation line. Country specific or worldwide numbers also available.

Can be combined with internet randomisation to provide maximum convenience and flexibility - for example you can allow some sites or countries to use the internet service and others to use the telephone.

Be informed

Email and/or fax notifications of new randomisations.

If appropriate trial co-ordinators can have online access to the randomisation database.

Safe and secure

Users require a valid study number and investigator number to access the randomisation application.

No-one can delete records from the randomisation database, so that all randomisations have to be accounted for.

Log files detailing all activity on the randomisation system are available to the trial co-ordinator.

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Why not see for yourself?

A demonstration of our telephone service is available so you can see how the system works first hand.

Contact us for access details.