Prognostic model for incident locomotor disability

This prognostic model may be used as an aid to estimate the risk of incident locomotor disability within 7 years in older adults. People have locomotor disability if they have difficulty in either going up or down stairs, bending down, straightening up, keeping balance, going out of the house or walking 400 yards (approx. 366 meters).

Age, years
Physically active?
Healthy diet?
Smoking status
Systolic blood pressure
Number of medications
Cardiovascular disease?
Hip fracture?

Risk of locomotor disability within 7 years -

Reference: NĂ¼esch E, Perel P, Dale CE et al. Incident disability in older adults: prediction models based on two British prospective cohort studies. Age and Ageing 2015; 44: 275-282.
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