The specification for a Red Pill or randomisation application can be viewed by clicking the Specification link in the top menu. The specification is only accessible to administrator users. It shows the following information where relevant:

  • Names of forms that can be completed multiple times per patient.
  • The timetable used by the form scheduling feature, showing when visits are due and the forms within each visit.
  • Whether any of the forms can be self-completed by subjects, and information about custom text shown to the subject in invitation emails and after logging in.
  • Details on randomisation method used, treatment groups, allocation ratio, strata, blinding, code list length, randomisation limit, data collected at randomisation (where relevant).
  • Format of randomisation, unblinding and kit assignment email notifications.
  • If attachments are enabled, the maximum file size allowed and percent of storage allowance used.
  • The maximum file size allowed and percent of storage allowance used for uploads.
  • The format of all notifications and a description of who they will be sent to.
  • User account privileges for different roles.
  • Library version numbers.
  • Server type (staging/production), database version, current value of settings.

There may also be extra custom information specific to the study.

Specification page

An example of part of the specification page

Page updated 31 May 2022