The specification for a Red Pill application can be viewed by clicking the Specification link in the top menu. The specification is only accessible to administrator users. It shows the following information where relevant:

  • Names of forms that can be completed multiple times per patient.
  • The timetable used by the form scheduling feature, if enabled.
  • Whether any of the forms can be patient self-completed, and information about custom text shown to the patient in the invitation email and after logging in.
  • Details on randomisation method used, treatment groups, allocation ratio, strata, code list length, randomisation limit, data collected at randomisation (where relevant).
  • Format of randomisation and unblinding email notifications
  • User account privileges.
  • Library version numbers.
  • Server type (staging/production), review step setting and patient delete setting.

There may also be extra custom information specific to the study.

Page updated 16 Jul 2016