Obsolete forms

If changes are made to the CRF after data collection has started, Red Pill keeps track of the different versions of the same forms. The previous version (version 1 for instance) will be marked as obsolete in the interface.

If the form was completed for a particular subject, it will still be accessible for viewing and editing. The latest version will also be available for data-entry.

Subject with obsolete form

Subject with obsolete form added. Note a newer version of the same form may also be added

However, for subjects where the original version was not completed, only the latest version will be accessible.

Subject without obsolete form

Subject with only the newer version of a form available

The overdue forms display always operates on the latest version of each form. Therefore, forms will be shown as overdue unless the latest version has been added. If it is not possible to collect the newer version of a form for a subject (perhaps because it was too long ago), the forms can be marked as data missing.


Data from all versions of a form will be available for download. The datasets will have a version suffix, e.g. DemographicsVER1, DemographicsVER2. The datasets will only contain rows for subjects where the specific version of a form was completed for them.

Download page showing different versions of a form

Download page showing different versions of a form available

Page updated 12 Dec 2017