A Stata post-estimation command to beautify raw regression output

By Tony Brady

reformat is a post-estimation command that turns raw Stata regression command output into a table suitable for publication or reports. It uses variable and value labels to clarify the meaning of terms in the model (especially those produced by xi), and can deal with interaction terms intelligently.

reformat can also automate the process of performing likelihood ratio tests on variables in the model (or groups of dummy variables in the case of categorical variables). Other useful features include reporting the number of observations for each term in the model and reparameterising continuous variables to report effect sizes per standard deviation or interquartile range.

One of the best ways to use reformat is with the delimit() option. Copy and paste the output into a word processor and use the "convert text to table" feature of your word processor. This way you can produce tables ready for publication extremely quickly and easily.

Turn this:

Usual Stata output

into this:

Reformatted Stata output


To obtain reformat type the following into Stata:

net from

and follow the instructions on screen. This will ensure the files are installed in the right place and you can easily uninstall the command later if you wish.